Austin mcbroom and catherine paiz dating

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austin mcbroom and catherine paiz dating

Catherine Paiz is a Social media personality who runs the ACE Family Youtube Catherine is currently dating Austin McBroom whom she met in college, the. Austin McBroom with his girlfriend turned fiance, Catherine Paiz. Well, Austin. Know Austin McBroom's dating bliss that gave him a family of girlfriend-turned fiancee and daughter Girlfriend/Dating, Catherine Paiz ().

Her name is Elle and she is the only daughter of the couple. She was born on 28th May Catherine Paiz and Austin continuously feature their daughter Elle in most of their videos.

austin mcbroom and catherine paiz dating

They are all set to welcome their baby number two. Both the duo are eager to welcome their child. They say that this was unplanned but still are very grateful.

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The baby is due in December Catherine and Austin actually planned to get married Talking about marriage, they keep on posting videos on youtube sharing their wedding plans.

Catherine Paiz was born on 24th Augustin Canada.

Catherine Paiz Bio

Austin is a professional basketball player. Catherine's real name isn't Catherine, it's actually her middle name. Austin was the first person in this relationship to say I love you.

Austin has one own-blood-related brother and two stepbrothers. She weighs around about 57kg. Micheal is an American actor who was born on the 9th of February in He is the son of Donna Jordan.


He has two siblings, a sister named Jamila and a younger brother named Khalid, he was a football star at Howard University. He spent two years in California before he relocated to Newark in New Jersey. Catherine is currently dating Austin McBroom whom she met in college, the couple has a child together, a daughter named Elle who was born in May of After the birth of Elle, in Augustthey officially announced their engagement.

austin mcbroom and catherine paiz dating

Just when everyone thought the next big thing would be an impending wedding, the couple announced in February of that they were expecting their second child. Kylie planned that the confetti would be either pink or blue depending on the gender of the baby.

austin mcbroom and catherine paiz dating

The countdown to the pop of the confetti was incredibly suspense-filled, after the countdown was over and the confetti poppers popped, the emergence of the pink streamers confirmed that it was a girl.

Austin later revealed he knew it would be a girl despite him actually wanting it to be a boy.

Catherine Paiz Bio, Relationship With Michael B Jordan and Austin Mcbroom

With a consistent weekly upload of videos per week, they have engaged their fan base with prank videos, challenges, and videos of their family time. On their Youtube Channel, they once treated their subscribers to a virtual tour of their new LA mansion.

austin mcbroom and catherine paiz dating

The edifice, a two-story mansion, decorated in white and beige colors is a testament to the wealth and opulence they enjoy. Despite her videos and steady presence on social media, Catherine has managed to keep her personal life far away from the spotlight.

austin mcbroom and catherine paiz dating