Are tom welling and erica durance dating

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are tom welling and erica durance dating

ERICA DURANCE: I don't have the exact dates, but it's probably in the next some of the show's long-time producers, along with Tom Welling. Tom Welling on Lois Lane/Erica Durance: Welling when talking about the actress is very quick to point out how much he enjoys the onset. Tom Welling, the actor who played the character in Smallville, has a simple charm that was . who was played by Erica Durance in the show.

Chief among them all is actor Christopher Reeve.

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Reeve, who played the actor in the Richard Donner-helmed Superman films back in the seventies and eighties, went on to have a relatively successful career in Hollywood after donning the spandex, but he was never to break out of Superman's shadow.

Even after the actor fell off a horse and paralyzed himself from the neck down, Reeve was still associated with the character and went out of his way to become a real life hero. Inhis private foundation and the American Paralysis Association joined forces to become the Christopher Reeve Foundation. Virgil Swan, an astrophysicist with an intense amount of knowledge about Krypton. Clark and Virgil become very close, but ultimately the character's time on the show is cut short.

are tom welling and erica durance dating

In season seven, it was ultimately revealed that Lionel Luthor poisoned Dr. Swan because they had conflicting interests in what to do with the mysterious red and blue blur.

While Clark is certainly at the center of the show's universe, there are a lot of other key characters whose history in the comic books are just as significant.

Chief among them is Lois Lane herself - Clark's journalistic acquaintance-turned-friend-turned-love, who was played by Erica Durance in the show.

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This new iteration of the character stayed true to the comic books and even had her mingle with other iconic comic book characters like Oliver Queen.

An assistant and former love of Dr. Swan's, Crosby also cares deeply about the presence of alien life on Earth and tries her best to preserve it. After Reeve's passing and the subsequent removal of his character from the program, Kidder decided to walk away from the series even though they had offered to extend her part.

are tom welling and erica durance dating

Tom Welling told Carson Daily that he actually went to Los Angeles and sat down in Brett's house to talk about the role, but he didn't want to take things further because it would mean the show had to stop.

Welling revealed that they both "knew scheduling would always be an issue" but went forward with the talks just for fun. Ultimately, Matt Bomer was cast as Superman in the projectbut the actor's good fortune went away when the film was transformed and subsequently recast. Tom had, and still has, a great work ethic. For Welling, though, this took a toll. The show represents, to him, a year hiatus in his life where he was overworked and separated from his friends and family.

Welling revealed that, unbeknownst to him, his fellow cast members insisted that producers get him a driver to avoid any potential car accidents. Apa was in a late-night crash after a hour shoot, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

are tom welling and erica durance dating

A revolving door The show had a hard time keeping its top stars on the screen. After being written out of the show following the third season, Sam Jones III had serious legal troubles. He went to federal prison for 10 months on charges of conspiracy to distribute some 10, tablets of oxycodone, according to TV Guide. Reuters Much to the surprise and dismay of fans, Kristin Kreuk, who played Lana Lang, and Rosenbaum exited the show after seven seasons despite their characters' popularity.

Neither seemed to part on bad terms, at least publicly, but both subsequently admitted they stopped watching the show after they left. A prime example is in our th episode, when Clark is in the elevator with his Superman self. He had the phrasing down, and it almost sound old-fashioned.

He just flawlessly went into this thing and I got excited, as a fan.

'Smallville' curse? Allison Mack's show was grueling at times, few of its stars left unscathed

Which other heroes have you particularly enjoyed having on the show? I really enjoyed the Hawkman character. I love his huge wings and the whole graveliness of his voice.

I loved the Martian Manhunter. Phil Morris is a really cool human being, and it was such a neat character for Clark to have in his life. He was cool, too.

are tom welling and erica durance dating

I think that is representative of what would be the reality. Has it been nice to have people who are so familiar with the characters directing some of the episodes?

To have them come to Vancouver and fulfill the role of being a director with you is a really fun experiment. He has a lot of respect and treats people with respect.

are tom welling and erica durance dating

Is it any more stressful to have him as the boss, instead of just the co-star? He has no ego. Is there something that you hope you can take home from the set, once the series is finished?