Are arryn and miles dating advice

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are arryn and miles dating advice

Arryn and Miles’ journals regarding the break up Please respect their privacy and show them the love and support that they deserve at this emotional time! #rtah #miles Luna #Arryn zech #rooster teeth #roosterteeth #rwby #red vs blue. eww-peoople reblogged this from achievementt. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. With regards to same-sex relationships in RWBY, Miles and Kerry However, that reasoning only works for a same-sex relationship that's the focus of a plot arc . people, but as the oft-repeated writing advice says, show, don't tell. .. So even Arryn didn't agree with the whole “Blake slapping Sun” shtick?.

The brunette downed a large gulp, wincing as it burned her gullet. She pinched her nose and prepared for another. By the time the bottle was empty, Barbara was swaying back and forth. She was losing her grip on the glass and it fell from her grasp.

are arryn and miles dating advice

It shattered into pieces upon contact, the remaining droplets splashing into the floor. Barbara managed to stable herself long enough to stumble into the living room. She bumped into a wall along the way and her legs decided to give. Her back slammed against the wall as she falling, mumbling incoherent curses. And that's when the tears began to fall. But you didn't help her. Her eyes roamed her apartment drunkily.

She stared at the decor. Barbara tried to regain focus on the spinning world around her but failed and ended up snacking the wooden floor beneath her. A warm bed with blankets sounded nice. Shame she was too drunk to get to her room. Arryn had thought out her plan. She had a clever strategy. Barbara would shy away from the first sight of her and try to slink off to avoid an awkward confrontation. She'd go when the brunette was in her office - alone - and look the door on her way in.

They'd be no escape for the Canadian! Then they'd be able to have a nice - serious - talk about what happened. No running or hiding, especially if their friendship was on the rocks. As Arryn was pulling out of her building's parking garage, her phone vibrated in her purse lying in seat beside her. She pulled the vehicle over to briefly check what had disturbed her driving. It was a text from Lindsay. Hey, Miles, have you seen Barb?

She's not at the office. We've all been calling her but she's not answering. Arryn's eyes widened and she texted a quick reply. Sorry this is Arryn. I must've grabbed Miles' phone by mistake. I'm on my way to work, I can stop by her apartment. Just let us know if she's there. The Texan tossed her iPhone aside and began driving to Barbara's apartment complex. She consulted her mental map, making sure the path she was taking was correct.

Once she was positive, she continued her journey to Ms. Arryn rapped on Barbara's door with her knuckles. She waited patiently in the hallway as she expected an answer.

When she received none, she decided knocks weren't a means of entry and used a spare key given to her by the brunette. Arryn let herself in, placing the jiggling keys back into her purse. She closed the door. She first noticed the state of disarray the home was in. Concern and confusion flooded her as she saw strewn clothes and broken glass. Arryn examined the shattered bottle and found a dark colored sticker.

She mazed her way through the broken glass and pinched the scrap of paper with her index and middle finger. Arryn flipped it over and gasped. This was the stuff you drank when you lost someone close to you and you had no way of coping but a thick liquor to erase you memories for a little time. This was the stuff you drank when you had just lost your job and suffered a finical crisis and weren't ready to rejoin the world.

This was the stuff you drank when you found your spouse was running around with all the people of the town behind your back. And for the poor Barbara, this was the stuff you drank when you lost your best friend.

Arryn leapt up, back erect, and dropped the logo. She looked around the apartment with wide eyes, looking for any clue of her Canadian friend's whereabouts. Suddenly a mound in the living room caught Arryn's attention. It groaned and she could see waves of brown over the couch from where she stood.

Arryn took off towards the woman, kneeling by her side. She reached out and felt her, making sure she wasn't hurt.

There were minor cuts to her hands, most likely from the glass, but otherwise she was okay. Arryn threw herself at her, wrapping her arms around Barbara. Her head resting in the crook of her neck. She breathed in Barbara's scent. Traces of her perfume from yesterday, sweat and whiskey. She looked intently at her friend's face, hoping for some response. Barbara's eyelids cracked open, letting Arryn to see those beautiful blue pools.

But, unfortunately, she was also able to see Barbara's suffering from last night through bloodshot veins.

Her lips parted and she breathed in, releasing a slow and raspy breath. Her mangled hair was pushed back by Arryn's hand, the Texan cupping Barbara's cheek.

Her eyes opened wider but not much, tears still crusted the edges of her eyelids. And by the looks of it, you aren't. What happened last night? Arryn deflated and apologized. It just seemed like the best idea at the time even if it isn't now. She felt Arryn leave and peeked them back open to see the woman running off to her kitchen. I'm just getting you a rag and some water," Arryn paused. She helped Barbara sit upwards, scooting her so that her back was resting against the couch.

Barbara held the rag as Arryn uncapped the medication, handing Barbara a pill. Once it was in her hand, Arryn offered the drink. Barbara was queasy at the sight of liquid, even it this one lacked alcoholic properties. But she took it anyway, swallowing the pill and taking a gulp of aqua. Arryn took the cup from her and placed it on a coffee table.

She closed her eyes for a brief moment before finishing her statement, "B-better now that you're here. Arryn wasn't sure if she had ever seen her best friend embarrassed.

Barbara wasn't one for shame. If she did something most would consider mortifying, she'd do it with a proud smirk. Arryn found she kind of liked seeing the Canadian with a blush. If it was even possible, it made her even more alluring - What? Arryn was here to correct her errors not repeat them. She still felt a little warm after receiving the compliment.

I have to let Lindsay know about you. I'd rather that not spread. So she was wrong. It appeared the pun-master could bear shame. Arryn sent Lindsay a text that she had found their friend and said she was sick.

When Lindsay asked if Barbara needed anything, Arryn replied that she'd take care of their ill co-worker. Also I might've said I'd stay and take care of you.

Arryn Zech Biography, Dating, Boyfriend, Career, Siblings, Family

You could've erased it! Fighting isn't going to help your hangover. And I said I'd be here to help because you need it. The Texan giggled, making Barbara grin widely. Maybe Miles was right. Maybe there was hope for their friendship. After all, one mishap couldn't end it all. Shower, dressed, and fed! What's on the menu? You think I was joking? I'm both joking and serious. You need help doing everyday things including showering and getting dressed.

We'll work it out. I won't look but I don't want you getting hurt when you try to lather in shampoo or something. She made it to her knees, Arryn rushing over to help her up. And my head feels like shit. Arryn holds Barbara up and drapes her arm around her shoulder. I suppose the aspirin isn't in affect, yet. Your charm is just so great, it healed me for the briefest of moments.

She was glad Barbara's playfulness had returned. They were making jokes and teasing each once more. Maybe there really wasn't a need to discuss last night. She had a steel resolve. She would bring it up. The two walked into the bathroom together, Barbara holding her own hands nervously, trying to escape what was to happen next. Arryn held out her hands.

Barbara looked at them and her eyes followed up her arms to her shoulders to her neck to her face. Her eyes were closed, head tilted upwards slightly as she did so. I'll help undress you.

Barbara took a step closer, offer Arryn's fingers the hem of her shirt. The woman kept her promise and refused to look, lifting the shirt over Barbara's head. The brunette guided Arryn towards her jeans. Barbara undid the button and unzipped her jeans. Arryn held the waistline as Barbara wormed her way out of the denim. But I'll have you know I am perfectly capable of taking off my bra. Don't want you falling, do we? Arryn blushed as she heard a bra unclasp and panties snap and slide off of skin onto the floor.

The shower curtain was drawn back, she heard Barbara step inside the shower, and the curtain was returned to its original place. Water began to run. She giggled as Barbara gasped. I so should've felt the water first. It soon switched to a steamier cloud of heat. Can I look now? She rested her back against the bathroom wall as she waiting, staring at herself in the mirror over the sink.

Water pelted the shower's floor and Barbara's skin. She could hear it. The reflection of Arryn suddenly gained a hue of pink across her cheeks. Barbara opened a container - of shampoo, presumably - and Arryn could hear her friend lather it into her scalp.

The woman breathed in and out, trying to find a way to distract herself. Barbara began to hum a tune, one Arryn recognized. Soon that hum became a beautiful voice singing in French. Je ne vois pour moi qu'un refuge. Both laughed and continued to sing, growing louder. She could see Barbara's silhouette through the curtains. She was leaning down to pick up a bottle. Barbara was finishing up on her routine, Arryn could tell.

The water abruptly shut off and Arryn looked towards the shower curtains as they drew back. Barbara's head popped out, her flowing brown mane now soaking wet. It wasn't easy looking at her friend who she knew was naked and dripping wet behind the curtain. Droplets traveling down those fine legs - Barbara laughed.

Arryn blushed in embarrassment of her stupid mistake. Of course Barbara would want a towel! She grabbed one from the rack behind her and held it out to Barbara. The brunette snatched it and Arryn looked away as the Canadian covered herself.

Barbara stepped out and nudged Arryn with her bare shoulder, towel tightened around her chest and hips. The Texan nodded and opened the bathroom door, letting Barbara out first. I'll meet-meet you in your bedroom. The brunette smiled in appreciation and nodded. She kept them as far away from her face as possible.

She needed to stop being a perv! Friends do not sniff each others' clothes. Arryn tossed them in the indicated hamper beside the bathroom and followed a trail of water to Barbara's room.

The door was open but Arryn should've knocked. Barbara stood by her dresser, towel on the floor, searching through her drawers for clothes. Blue eyes met hazel and they screeched, large blushes burning scarlet on their faces. Arryn screwed her eyes shut. I-I am soooo gosh damn sorry. Uh-I should've closed the door. Arryn bit her quivering lip, fighting back tears. I mean I keep screwing everything up and making it more awkward. Last night I slipped and said something I shouldn't have and now I just walked in on you getting dressed.

Maybe I should just before I make it any worse. Warm and damp arms encircled around Arryn's shoulders. The woman didn't open her eyes. She could feel Barbara's bare skin. She had nothing on. I'm just at fault as much as you are. Right now I'm proving it to you, huh? What sane person hugs their best friend naked? Instead of comforting you or talking it out like an adult I fled like the coward I am and got drunk.

Arryn wrapped her arms around Barbara as her way of offering support. Barbara held her closer. Last night I think we both were pretty dumb.

Barbara pulled back, patting Arryn's cheek playfully. They had settled for some canned tuna - Artyn had been pleased, Barbara making jokes about channeling her inner Blake - and made some toast.

They had drank some nice cold water - Barbara said she'd be avoiding alcohol for a while - and began eating their food. Arryn picked up Miles' phone which had vibrated from a text. She noticed it wasn't from Lindsay or one of their other co- workers asking about Barbara. It was a text from Kerry specifically for Miles. Arryn wasn't a snoop. But one peek wouldn't hurt, would it? Worst case scenario she knew some RWBY spoilers, right?

I was thinking about last night and maybe I pressured you too much. Our arrangement can stay its course until you're ready to chose between us. Hope you forgive me. Arryn gaped at the phone. Arryn scrolled up from previous texts and found - Oh god.

Last night was magical. Can't wait till next time. And Miles had replied with, 'Neither can I. And nobody has caught on. Arryn dropped the phone against the kitchen table and stood, legs wobbling. Barbara looked up at her confusedly. A muffled whimper was what she received in response.

The brunette had a feeling she wasn't going to be getting a word from her so she reached out and checked the phone for herself.

are arryn and miles dating advice

Once she saw what Arryn had previously seen, she stared at the device, slack-jawed. Arryn had tears in her eyes, back against the wall.

Barbara sprung into action, running over to her best friend's side. It's okay-," Barbara was interrupted.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Arryn lifted her head and glared daggers at her. As she held the hurt and vulnerable girl, Barbara stared at the phone. After Arryn was better, she was going to have a little chat with the two-timing dog himself. Kerry's day has started off pretty darn well. He'd woken up, had himself a lovely breakfast, gone to work, and gotten a good amount done. He'd texted Miles about their dilemma and his thoughts but so far the brunet hasn't responded.

No reason to frown. The man had probably lost in between the couch cushions. He admitted he'd done it before. Barbara hadn't been in yet, neither had Arryn. He asked around and was eventually led to Lindsay to said the Canadian was sick and Arryn - the good friend she was - was taking care of her. At the mention of Miles' girlfriend the blond slumped.

She was the reason Miles and him weren't together. The reason he couldn't live a happily ever after as Kerry Luna.

But whenever he thought like that, he regretted it. Arryn had been nothing but a good friend to him. And here Miles and him were, running around doing each other, stabbing Arryn in the back without her even knowing.

And that's why Kerry regretted thinking like that. He wasn't happy because someone else thought they were.

Kerry's mother had always told him to be truthfully honest and have integrity. If he done wrong, admit it and suffer the consequences. Kerry had gone against Mrs. He was finding happiness through a taken man. Yet the girlfriend was oblivious. Arryn deserved to know, she did. And that's when Kerry took action. Miles ran around the apartment, desperately searching for his iPhone.

How do you lose it so easily?! If I lost it, it'd stick out like a black sheep. Isn't that right, Watson? His eyes scanned the area before finding a phone lying on the bedside table.

Arryn sighed and got up; Barbara letting her up. She scratched the back of her neck "Well, It's just I'm Miles' co-worker and he's your boyfriend. I'm alright with talking about him, really.

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Barbara's eyes met Arryn's; the first time since Arryn's mood changed. Arryn took a breath "Barbara, truth is… Miles and I, we've been drifting apart lately. I mean, we've tried a lot of things to get that spark back, but nothing's been working. A part of her wanted to make the situation into a joke, but the seriousness in Arryn's voice gave Barbara every reason not to.

are arryn and miles dating advice

Barbara played with her hair, unable to give any sort of advice. Arryn let out a heavy sigh and she laid back on her couch "I guess you don't know what to do either. She rested her head on the back of her hand; her arm atop of the crest rail. I'm sure Miles and I will find a way to get the spark back. She walked to the kitchen area as Barbara's eyes followed her.

Arryn opened the fridge "Oh Barbara, do you want to go eat? We can order take out or we have some leftovers if you don't mind having tofu and rice.

Barbara couldn't accept it. She knew Arryn was hurting, suffering. And Arryn was like this. Arryn looked at Barbara, hearing her name. You don't have to worry about me and Mi-" "No! Arryn jumped in shock. You and Miles are drifting apart and you're acting as if it's nothing!

She looked away from Barbara, whom stood from the couch. Barbara went to Arryn "I promise I'll help you two. A lot of the fans love you guys and they'll be just as sad if they think you two broke up. I'll get him at work and you can-" "Barbara, I'm fine, alright?! Why can't you just admit it to me?! This came as a shock to Barbara. Of course it did. How was she the cause of Arryn's and Miles' relationship rift? Arryn was turning red, not making any eye contact with Barbara.

Arryn turned to close the fridge. She walked passed Barbara and towards the bedroom area "Forget it. Arryn was laying on the bed, facing away from the door. Barbara climbed on the bed, sitting on the other side of Arryn. Barbara laid down, feeling as awkward as ever. If it's something I did or said to Miles, I want to know. I don't want to be the reason you two possibly broke up. It's more…" Arryn turned over to Barbara, embarrassed. She tucked her hair behind her ear. Arryn curled up a little.

She barely kept eye contacted with Barbara. Even when she did, it wouldn't last more than a passing glance. At least Arryn was speaking normally to her.

Arryn waited for an answer from her. Arryn wrapped her arms tighter. She cleared her throat "I'm more focused with work than dating…I guess" Though Barbara says this, she couldn't keep eye contact with Arryn. Arryn dug her face in Barbara's chest "That's disappointing. I'm sure anyone would want to date you. I know the fans want to.

She rubbed her back.